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Fragrant Lamps & Fragrant Night Lamps (FL-A121)

Fragrant Lamps & Fragrant Night Lamps (FL-A121)

Decorating: Fashionable household decoration, creative combination of the mist, water and soothing lighting, differed from traditional humidifiers. Also is a perfect scent releaser light with last fragrance.Humidifying: Help increase the humidity in a room; Help sufferers of cold, sore throats and asthma sickness; Help cure your headaches, insomnia and air-conditioning sickness.Freshening: Help purity the air with negative ion, excellent for plant and for creating oxygen; Help clear the harmful Nicotine, Formaldehyde, CO, ect. Take you back to the nature and to the romantic dream with the endless fog.Beautifying: Mositure your skin and prevent wrinkle-necessary for babies and women! No dry ice, no chemical! Calm your emotion and feed your soul.

Fragrant Lamps & Fragrant Night Lamps (FL-A121) product offered by Popular Gifts Co., Ltd.

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