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CCFL For Lighting

CCFL For Lighting

The CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) is a light source classified as an electronic component. The CCFL in simplest terms is a gas-discharge light source, which produces its output from a stimulated phosphor coating inside the glass Lamp envelope. A CCFL can be described as a transducer converting electrical energy into light energy. Cold cathode fluorescent Lamp is the fluorescent Lamp which is operated in the range of normal glow discharge. Rare gas and a slight amount of mercury (a few mg) are filled in the glass tube coated with phosphor(fluorescent materials). By adding high electric field between electrodes at both ends of the glass tube, glow discharge occurs in the low pressure mercury vapor. Mercury atoms which are excited by its discharge, emit ultraviolet rays. (253.7Nm), and these ultraviolet rays excite the phosphor.

CCFL For Lighting product offered by Nanjing Jright Illuminating Source Co., Ltd.

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