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Hubei Hongling Trading Company Ltd.

We are a specialized foreign trade import-export company, next governs 2 to subordinate the factory, main camp each kind of glass oil lamp, glass shade, glass drinking glass, bamboo torches, glass candle cup, glass plate, thermos, headlight, land mine lamp, kerosene stove, flare lamp, leisure lamp, daily necessities and present concurrently camp wheelchair, medical instrument and adhesive-bonded cloth and so on walking stick and so on disposable medical thing. The company bases the domestic market, follows close on the international market sale tidal current, in line with reciprocal benefit mutual benefit principle with Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, Americas, Hong Kong, national and the local and so on visitor has the close trade. We take charge of may defer to visitor's demand, incoming sample design, attempts the design, meets each kind of visitor's different needs.

Main Products

  • Color Glass Oil Lamps (341)
  • Color Glass Oil Lamp (501)
  • Color Glass Oil Lamp (383)
  • Glass Oil Lamps (988P)
  • Color Glass Oil Lamp (390)
  • Color Glass Oil Lamp (HT001)
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    Company : Hubei Hongling Trading Company Ltd.
    Address : 168 Jingwu Rd., Hankou, Wuhan, Hubei, China
    Code : 430022
    Tel : 86-27-85766652, 62751318
    Contact Person : XieXin
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