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UV (Ultraviolet) light


UV-A wave band can make many material emitting visible light. It can be used to distinguish mineral, stone and paper money as well as skin disease curing and stage decoration. It can also be used for inse...

Nanjing Jright Illuminating Source Co., Ltd.

Gun Toys - Paintball Airsoft Gun with Infrared And Lamp, Paintball Bullet, Gas Mask Included (TD90419)

ITEM NO.: TD90419 Paintball Airsoft Gun with Infrared and Lamp,Paintball Bullet, Gas Mask includedQty: 12pcs/ctnsize: 0. 205cbm (71. 5*53. 5*53. 5cm)G. W. /N. W.: 18. 5/16. 8KGS1560pcs in a 20' container

Infrared Ray Bulb Lamp

Infrared ray bulb120v-230v 150w 250w e27/b222000hrs

Starlux Electrical Co., Ltd.

Universal Infrared Lamp Socket Receiver (AML044)

Features:Can be used with any infrared remote to control lights or fansBasic ON/OFF, brighten up/dim down functionsAddressable IR programmability for up to 99 unitsSoft off and delay timer featuresPatent pending

Automatic Manufacturing Limited

UV Absober And Light Stablizer

1.(UV-P) 2-(2'-hydroxy-5'-methylphenyl) benzotriazole CAS#2440-22-4>99%(GC/HPLC)2.(UV-326) 2-(2'Hydroxy-3'-tert-butyl-5'-methylphenyl)-5-chlorobenzotriazole CAS#3896-11-5>99%(GC/HPLC)3.(UV-327) 2-(2'-Hydroxy-3',5'-di-tert-butylphenyl...

Wujiang Dongfeng Chemical Co., Ltd.

Polymer Additive-UV Absorber & Light Stabilizer (UV - 360)

UV-360 is a very low volatile, dimeric 2-hydroxy benzotriazole UV absorber used in a variety of polymers and resin compositionsUV-360 applications include acrylic resins, polyalkylene terephthalates, polycarbonates, modified polyphenylen...

Wujiang Dongfeng Chemical Co., Ltd.

UV Light 36 Watt (RNU36-1)

This type of light has 4pcs 9W uv bulbs and a timer of 120seconds, its main function is to dry gel for professional use.Nail Lamp, Uv Light, uv gel lamp, paraffin bath, nail files, nail gel light, foot spa, nail product.

Rose Nail Supply Inc.

UV Pen With UV Light(MP007P)

This cool SPY pen allows you to write "secret messages", phone numbers and other notes and leave them in plain sight without ever being read by anyone. The paper will remain a blank sheet. However, by placing the sheet under UV light bui...

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