CCFL serves as the illumination source for LCD, frequently employing fluores...">
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CCFL for LCD Backlighting

CCFL for LCD Backlighting

CCFL serves as the illumination source for LCD, frequently employing fluorescent Lamps, which is composed by a phosphor coated glass cylinder with cathodes at each end.

LCD backlight mainly consists of light source, diaphragm, light leading board and plastic frame. It has high brightness, long lifetime and good uniformity features etc.

There are three popular types LCD backlight source, EL, CCFL and LED at present, with side or vertical position source. Side position lighting source CCFL has become the mainstream as LCD is becoming brighter, lighter and thinner.

As far as application area is concerned, EL and LED are used in small size and single color display (red or green). Recently white light (panchromatic) EL and LCD have come into being. Because of lower brightness they are used in less than 4 inches LCD screen such as mobile phone, PDA, game machine etc. However, for panchromatic (white light), big dimension or high brightness, CCFL is the best choice. Moreover, many years technique research has made CCFL much mature, reliable, stable capacity.

CCFL Lcd Backlight CCFL lcd backlight

CCFL is well adopted in large and middle scale (19-3 inches) of the TFT LCD screen now. For civilian use CCFL can be the best choice in the following,

Liquid crystal TV (20"-30"), LCD Display (14"-10"), Luggable Computer Display (8"-14"), Portable DVD Player (5"-9"), TV on car, train or plain, GPS Display (3"-5"), Lottery game machine (3"-5"), Portable TV (3"-5"), Machine for children study, Palmtop Computer, Game machine (3"-5"), OA industry instrument (5"-10"), and Videophone (5"-10").


CCFL LCD Backlight backlight lcd backlighting

Lamp PART NUMBER Lamp DIA (mm) Lamp LENGTH (mm) Lamp VOLTAGE(V) Lamp CURRENT (typ.mA) Lamp WATTS (W) STARING VOLTAGE (typ.vrms) INTENS (Cd/m) LIFE(HRS)
YLY1.8 1.8 50-350 130-780 5-7 0.3-3.8 280-1200 50000 15000
YLY2.0 2.0 50-450 125-980 5-7 0.3-4.5 280-1380 48000 25000
YLY2.2 2.2 50-650 125-1100 5-7 0.3-6.0 280-1700 45000 35000
YLY2.4 2.4 50-650 120-1050 5-7 0.3-6.5 280-1800 42000 50000
YLY2.6 2.6 50-680 120-1100 5-7 0.3-7.0 280-1850 38000 50000
YLY3.0 3.0 50-800 120-1480 5-8 0.3-9.0 280-2300 30000 50000
YLY4.0 4.0 50-1000 117-1700 5-8 0.3-11 280-2800 19800 50000

CCFL for LCD Backlighting product offered by Nanjing Jright Illuminating Source Co., Ltd.

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