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Lighting Your Way
Outdoor lighting is so important in a few aspects: for Safety and for Orientation. Many of us work during the day and do not arrive home until near or after dark. However, your landscape can be used and enjoyed during the evening by utilizing an outdoor landscape lighting system in your property. And outside light installations can actually create a new way of looking at your home by becoming part of the decor itself. There are some basic things you can do to add charm to your yard, here are a few and you can read more in our article.

Your landscape could benefit in multiple ways with the installation of an outdoor lighting system. With a properly installed system that utilizes the right light in the right way, yet also done with a creative flair, your property would literally glow with beauty come nightfall. A lighting system for your landscape has some other benefits as well. Do you find your garden looking rather bare during those sparse winter months? A few well-placed lights can highlight the architectural side of those bare trees. Do you feel nervous during that after-dark walk from your car to the front stoop? A well-lit landscape makes for a significantly safer property. Treating your landscape to an outdoor lighting system will add many useful features to your property. This is a very popular trend: by using recessed lights, lanterns, and lamps, you can now see your landscape at night. While the lights themselves can remain invisible, your plants and trees become highlighted, giving them a unique nighttime look.

The most important benefit of landscape lighting, safety, is also one of the most overlooked. Not only are burglars warded off by a well-lit property, it makes you feel safer when you're outside at night, which gives you peace of mind. Having a lighting system also keeps you safe from yourself. With some path lights illuminating your way, you are less likely to trip over the flagstones, or run into the arbor. A landscape lighting system helps provide safety from others and your own occasional clumsiness.

Apart from safety, landscape lighting will also increase the usability of your yard. With more people working longer hours of the day, there is less daytime hours to spend enjoying their landscape, which in turn prevents people to see any benefit to landscaping their property. However, with a lighting system installed, you will be able to enjoy your garden after nightfall. With some creative lighting enhancements, you could spend your evening home from work in your landscape, either by enjoying a home-cooked dinner with family or relaxing in a sitting area with friends. Having your landscape lit at night will make your property much nicer to come home to. In the summer, do you let your kids ride their bikes around your neighborhood? If not, is it because your area is simply too dark, leading to a sense of danger even though there is none? The more light you shed around your house, the safer the environment will feel because you now have more control and can keep an eye on your surroundings.

How about those cold winter months, when your landscape seems to be at it's lowest point? Outdoor lights can be put into good use during the bare winter months as well. One good winter use of landscape lighting is to highlight the best parts of your landscape, while keeping the out-of-season areas in darkness. This simple lighting trick can work wonders in your winter garden. Many parts of the winter property have bare plant areas where the leaves have been dropped for winter, but this is no reason to hide these plants. With some well-placed lights, you can highlight the branching structure of these plants and create a winter architectural sculpture to enjoy during the evening hours. Many plants look striking in this kind of winter lighting, including crapemyrtles, japanese maples, and oakleaf hydrangeas. By directing the viewer's eye to the points of interest of your winter landscape, and creating new points of interest on your own, you can make your property
enjoyable during the colder winter months.

Outdoor landscape lighting enhances buildings architectural features, gardens, walkways, patios and decks. Your property can be enjoyed at all hours of the day and any time of the season. Outdoor lighting helps alleviate darkness and balances the light radiating from the interior and other sources. Concealed fixtures can throw light up, down or any direction, in a soft or dramatic fashion to appropriately illuminate an object, giving it richness and dimension. The entry is the first impression and typically the focal point, of a building. The light and fixtures give a design preview of what it to come. With outdoor lights you will also feel safer in your yard as you come home to relax in your garden. Outdoor lighting provide an amazing opportunity to create magic and fantasy for an otherwise dark and shadowed space.
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