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Superior Lamp Continues to Commit to Customers by Offering "Green" Products
MT. LAUREL, N.J., Nov 12, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Superior Lamp now offers a new bulb, the LumiTwist(TM), which is specifically designed for helping the environment.
Everyone is now keeping an eye on the energy they consume. The new media abounds with stories on how to "Go Green" and utilizing Heavy Duty Energy Saving Green Lighting products is the most immediate action we can take today to help get America back on track.
Experts have shown that lighting is one of the top factors in a commercial or industrial building's energy use. Business owners, business managers, or anyone paying an electric bill can benefit from new, state-of-the-art light bulbs and fixtures lasting many times longer than the old standard filament bulbs using much less energy. The costs of manufacturing, shipping and installing new bulbs are drastically cut down, and with these new technologies, the country can finally get serious about applying this and other solutions to get rid of inefficient energy systems.
Those who want to get into the game early and find the best in innovative green lighting products should check out a range of great new offerings from Superior Lamp, like LumiTwist(TM) and other Compact Fluorescents that use cutting edge technology to conserve energy. With up to 24 times the life of conventional bulbs, these products reduce waste and carbon, and with a low-mercury design, they are federally approved safe for landfills and good for the environment. These products have earned the trust of the U.S. Environmental Protection agency through a Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure standard. The TCLP compliance of Superior Lamp's bulb merchandise means consumers will not have to worry about the mercury levels that turn customers off from some other types of compact fluorescent bulbs now on the market.
Superior Lamp's heavy-duty fluorescents are great for making large spaces come alive and keep the environment a safe place. The line of heavy-fluorescents at Superior Lamp combines style and ease of use with durability, from brass pins and gold end caps, to silicon coating, safety features provide assurance for buyers. The full color spectrum means those who live and work under these lights will get the bold, brilliant natural light the body needs for peak performance while saving money.
At Superior Lamp, customers can also find long-lasting incandescent and tungsten halogens for larger bulb fixtures. There is an energy saving solution for every kind of fixture and every kind of space. Metal Halide High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps give a new look to dingy, dimly lit spaces and carry a 50 month guarantee, assuring months more for a brilliant room in any office or business setting.
Get with the green revolution and help out the environment you live in. With the help of concerned, smart and efficient planners, from individual business owners to big commercial managers, the future can find all of us living on a smarter, neater energy grid.
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