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Master LED lamps from Philips
Philips' Master LED lamp range features the latest Luxeon Rebel LED technology. This makes it a quality alternative for incandescent (GLS), halogen and CFL lamps in general lighting applications.

It benefits operators who want to reduce their energy consumption but who do not want to compromise on quality of light.
Compared with standard dichroic low-wattage halogen lamps and incandescent spot lamps, the energy saving is up to 80%, yet life is long at up to 45,000 hours.

Master LED also saves money by avoiding high maintenance costs because of its long life. Being solid-state and near zero-maintenance, the lamp is ideal for use in 24-hour applications such as lobbies, stairways, corridors and car parks.

The company's EcoClassic energy-saving lamps deliver up to 50% energy saving over traditional bulbs without compromising on light quality or the visual effect of the lighting installation. The lamp starts instantly, is dimmable and comes in a retrofit design, which means the halogen energy savers can be used in traditional lamp sockets.
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