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LED Light for Holiday Helping You Saving Cost
As we are know that LEDs are becoming the cool and new technology in lighting now. With gifts to buy and the economy in decline, the last thing many residents want to see these days are even small increases in their electricity bills. But with new energy-efficient styles lining store shelves, holiday light sales have remained steady.

Having entered the market in force last Christmas season, pre-lit LED trees, LED light sets, and even LED outdoor decorations are now a mainstream choice for consumers looking to decorate their homes for the holidays.

Planning for the 2008 tree started last January as Presciano began creating architectural drawings of the ornaments and choosing lights from the GE inventory. But one of the biggest issues is how to take down the lights at the end of the season.

"With LEDs lasting so much longer, we¡¯re carefully taking them off and storing them so we can create an inventory of light resources for the country that will last for years," Presciano said. Last year¡¯s garland, topper, ornaments and multi-colored strings were saved, she noted, and should be rotated back into use in years to come.

GE has been designing the National Christmas Tree since 1962, producing and donating the lighting and decorations. Presciano has personally designed every tree since 1995. "It may take months of planning and work to design the tree, but there¡¯s nothing quite like the reward you get when the President flips the switch and the tree just comes to life. It¡¯s the symbol of the holidays, and the blessing of being able to celebrate together, in freedom. It¡¯s an honor for GE to be a part of that," she said.

The lighting of the National Christmas Tree is an unbroken tradition that began in 1923 when Calvin Coolidge lit the first tree on the Ellipse. The event is sponsored by the National Park Foundation, official charitable partner of America¡¯s National Parks, and the National Park Service.

Incorporating the latest in technology and offering increased lighting flexibility, especially in tight spaces and low profile applications, Marktech LED Lighting Products introduces the T5 LED light tube. This high output, energy-efficient product was designed to insure the highest of quality and design to meet market demands.

The T5 light tube operates at 24Vdc and is available in both a low power, narrow angle 60º and a high power, wide angle 120º version. They are currently available in three color temperatures, 3300k, 4200k and 6500k and offered in lengths from 1 to 5 feet and are available with either a clear or diffused cover. Each tube is sold with metal mounting clips, so that it can be easily mounted. There are three mounting clip options to choose from to fit a variety of applications and situations. This small and stream-lined light tube will satisfy almost all of your direct and indirect lighting needs!
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